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Jennifer – A Tale of Submission

Hans Meijer

Hans Meijer

Jennifer – A Tale of Submission


The dampness of the night air permeated the stable where Jennifer slept. The slave traders had brought her here yesterday after purchasing her from her mother. In her homeworld of Alaytia it was common practice for mothers to sell their daughters to the slave trade to finance their own drug habits and to pay for the cloning process. Ever since the genetics war there hadn't been a single male left on the planet. To reproduce they either had to buy sperm at a very high price or they had to pay the government fees for cloning. Most chose the cloning process. It wasn't near as painful if you got caught as was buying sperm from the black market.

Jennifer could hear whimpering in the stall next to her. She had heard the poor girl crying all night. The occupant next to her was very quite until late last night when one of the slave maids came into the stall next to where Jennifer slept. She figured it was late since it had been several dracmars since she had last heard anyone stirring. The stable appeared to have about twenty stalls from what she could tell when she was brought in. Having been recently purchased she was still in her transportation shackles and was roughly thrown in her stall by one of the guards. He had slammed the door and bolted it.

Jennifer had screamed for nearly an hour and had tried every means that she could think of to escape. The other stall occupants, those who were not gagged, all yelled for her to shut up. She didn't listen. Finally, after nearly an hour of yelling one of the matrons came in and cruely and severly whipped her with a whip. Jennifer counted fifty whacks that fell across her body. She tried in vain to avoid the lash but could not. Her writhing only managed to ensure that the whip marks covered her front and back. After the matron left one of the other girls down the way told her that she could expect a lot more where that came from and to not make any trouble. Still smarting from the whipping, Jennifer didn't yell any more.

She sat sullenly in her stall, which was actually more like a cell in a prison. Her mother had warned her that it was possible that she would be taken to a training facility. She had been on her best manners for her new master who had purchased her the day before. An easy time was not to be had, however, as her new master was merely a trader and not end consumer of slave girls. He had his guards pack her in the cage on his ship with seven other girls that he had purchased at the auction and his ship left. All of his new purchases went to the training facility operated by the company that he worked for, regardless of their manners or attitudes.

Late the night before, many drachmas after she was whipped one of the slave maids came into the stable. The slave maids were those who were charged with cleaning the slaves and with seeing that they were fed. Most slave maids were themselves slaves, usually the ones that were too ugly to be sold. Occasionally, however, a new acquisition would be pressed into service if the number of slaves exceeded the quota of maids. The Mortor Corporation tried to keep it's quota at twenty slaves per maid. When there was a lull in the trade or training and there were excess maids they were given to the guards for amusement. That is, unless, one of the maids had displeased the management. In these cases she was usually used as fodder for a safari like hunt. Management liked to think that it kept the skills of the guards sharp.

The slave maid that Jennifer had noticed coming in came in with a bucket, mop and sponge. She opened the door in the stall to Jennifer's right and went inside. She could hear metallic clicking as buckles were released. Several yelps could be heard and then a lot of splashing followed by the toilet flushing. Since the walls between cells were solid she couldn't see what was going on. She asked the girl in the cell to her left and was told that the one to her right was being let down. Jennfier questioned let down from what or where. Silence was her only answer.

After the toilet was flushed many times she could hear water running in the sink. Then she heard several more yelps and finally a loud scream. The scream was muffled mid breath by something. She could hear the swish of a mop on the smooth tile floor and then more water running and the toilet being flushed again. Afterwards the maid left and bolted the door to the cell. From that point through the rest of the night she could hear whimpering from the girl in the cell next to hers. It was a pitiful whimper more than one of pain.

Jennifer desperately wanted to know what had happened and asked around if anyone could tell her. She got no answer. So she sat on the narrow bunk and looked at her room. It had a shelf, a wash basin, a toilet and the bunk she was on. Her imagination ran wild that night and she didn't sleep at all.

When the latch to the door at the end of stable clicked and the door creaked on it's unoiled hinges she jumped. Someone was coming in. Who, she didn't know. She followed the footsteps as they slowly went past her stall. Momentarily the steps stopped and she could hear a latch being undone down the way from where she was. She heard a girl scream and then a loud slap and the scream ceased. She then heard the steps retreating. From the sound quality of the footsteps she could tell that the person walking now had an increased weight from a few minutes ago. The footsteps stopped and the door groaned as it was closed.

This would be carried out at various times during the early morning. Finally, she heard the steps stop at her stall. The latch mechanism was opened and the door swung open. One of the male slave keepers stepped into her cell. He snapped a leash on her collar and jerked her out of bed. She didn't let out a sound, knowing full well that if she did she would be hit. The slave keeper swung her outside and closed the door. He then led her by the leash down the hall. Even though her legs were free having her hands shackled behind her back made it somewhat difficult to keep up with the man's quick pace.