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Wife on vacation

Jessica Adair

Jessica Adair

Wife on vacation


"Fasten your seat belts, please."

The words over the intercom brought Nancy back to the present with a jolt. She was on her way to L.A. to what she hoped would be the start of a new chapter in her life.

Nancy Williamson settled back into her seat and began to think of Rick. When she met him she felt that he was the most sophisticated person she had ever known.

Although only two years older than herself, Rick seemed to know so much more about the world. Nancy had been swept off her feet by Rick's attentions.

The morning after their meeting at a party, a dinner invitation arrived with a bouquet of roses. Rick had showered her with flowers, little gifts, tender phone calls at unexpected times of the day, and almost-constant attentiveness during the following months.

They went to the best restaurants, the theater, camping, and spent many romantic evenings fixing dinner together at Rick's apartment. After three months they were married.

Nancy's experience with men had not been extensive, and Rick had proved to be a skillful and patient teacher, although they had fucked some during their engagement, it was during their honeymoon that Rick had awakened her to the full pleasures of sex. In slow, deliberate stages, he introduced her to ways of loving that she had never known.

Her thoughts drifted back to the evening that they had celebrated having been married for six months. Rick had sent flowers to her with a romantic note, and she had prepared a special dinner for the occasion. After setting the table, icing the champagne, and putting some soft music on the stereo, Nancy went into the bedroom to dress for dinner.

She had bought a silk shirt and velvet pants to wear for the evening. She loved the feel of silk on bare skin, and knew Rick would be able to clearly see the outline of her rigid nipples through the thin, clingy fabric.

Precisely on time Rick had arrived home with an anniversary gift of a bracelet Nancy had admired in a shop window. The candlelit dinner was perfect, and Nancy was careful to give Rick plenty of opportunities to admire her tits through the clinging material of her shirt.