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All day with mom

Kathy Andrews

Kathy Andrews

All day with mom


Leaning back in the beach chair, Jackie let her eyes move to the lifeguard sitting about twenty feet away. She had been watching him secretly ever since she started bringing her son to the public pool. The lifeguard was young, maybe ten years her junior, but that didn't matter. It had a very nice bulge in his tight swimsuit.

It wasn't that Jackie wanted to fuck him. She really didn't want to fuck anyone. At least, that was what she told herself. But she did enjoy looking at him, or any other male with a nice bulge in his trunks. She found them very attractive, enjoyed watching them through slitted eyes, or openly from behind dark sunglasses.

When she saw an especially attractive man in tight trunks, with his cock and balls all but exposed, she would get quivers in her cunt and become moist, and it was those times when she wanted to fuck. Most of the males really didn't turn her on, but some made her very hungry for cock.

Like this lifeguard.

He sat about ten feet off the ground on his wooden perch, a whistle dangling from his neck, his eyes constantly watching the pool. Sometimes he blew the whistle and yelled at some boy or girl getting too rough in the water.

Today, there weren't many boys and girls in the pool, and her son was at the far end, learning to swim. The other lifeguard, a girl, was trying to teach him. Sometimes the lifeguards helped that way when there weren't many in the pool. The girl was very attractive, with a brightly colored, but very skimpy, bikini. Her tits bulged out around the top and it seemed as if one of her nipples would escape at any time.

Jackie's grin spread as she saw her son trying to get himself a feel of the girl's tits, trying in a way that would appear accidental. But the girl was familiar with such groping and avoid his hands. As she watched Tony, she saw him pretend to sink and under the clear water, saw his hand shoot up between the girl's thighs for a fast feel of her crotch.

"Okay, Tony," the girl said. "That's enough for today."

There was a blush on the girl's pretty face as she climbed from the water and the split of her ass was exposed because her bikini bottom was pulled aside. The girl adjusted her bikini bottom, and Tony laughed.

"Need any help with that?" Jackie heard him ask.