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Camping with mom

Kathy Andrews

Kathy Andrews

Camping with mom


Liz Jefferies tucked her hands beneath the bottom of the faded blue sweatshirt she wore. She pulled upward, easing it over her head and arms, then tossing it atop the granite boulder beside her. She smiled, feeling a rush of excitement.

Hooking her arms behind her back, her fingers found the clasp to her white bra and freed it. The confining halter slipped forward, the heavy mounds of her breasts spilling out and doing a lively little jostling dance.

Her hands slid under the twin, pillow-like tits, massaging away the redness left by the bra. She wasn't used to wearing the bra and it felt so damn good to be free of the thing – if only for a few moments. She had slipped away from the others for an evening swim.

She glanced to her chest, her smile widening. They were still attractive breasts, firm and rounded with just a bit of a pendulous swing to them. Not at all the breasts one would expect on a woman who had nursed two children. But then, Liz Jefferies' body wasn't that of a woman in her early forties. She had seen to that. She was proud of her body and had taken care of it during the twenty-two years of marriage and twenty years of motherhood. She appeared no more than thirty, no longer a girl, but a mature, attractive woman. But what was better – she felt like a woman of thirty.

With a toss of her head, she sent a cascade of fiery red hair, still untouched by cosmetic aids, back over her slightly-freckled shoulders. Releasing the weighty globes of her breasts, she reached down and popped the snap to her jeans, then dragged the zipper down its metallic track.

Sucking in a deep lungful of the crisp mountain air, she slipped her fingers under the tops of her jeans and the elastic band of her panties. She wiggled her hips a bit and shimmied free of her clothing. Completely naked, she stood alone beside the edge of a mountain pool deep within the forests of the Northwest. It was exhilarating. Her whole body felt alive.

She grinned, suddenly wishing her husband Jason were with her. She felt sexy and what better place to make love than here amid the fertile wildness of the forest. Next time she discovered such a secluded pool, she would see that Jason was with her – or perhaps they could slip off tonight when the others were asleep, and revisit this one.

Below her, reflected in the water, another grinning woman stared up to her. For a moment or two, Liz stood there, admiring the supple sleekness of her nakedness. The flatness of her stomach, the long shapely contours of her legs, the womanly knoll of her shaven pubis – all reasons why after their years of marriage, she and Jason were still lovers.

Stretching out a toe, she tested the water, shattering the mirror-like image in a series of ripples. The water was cool, but not cold. Without hesitating, she stepped into the pool, immersing her bare body in its soothing waters.

Despite her earlier protests, she was glad she had given in to her husband and agreed to this wilderness trek. Even with the long hours of hiking each day, she was enjoying every minute of their summer vacation.