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Eat out with mom

Kathy Andrews

Kathy Andrews

Eat out with mom


Peggy was furious.

She was mad, angry, very pissed.

Stomping around her room, she flung a pillow against the far wall, knocking a picture to the floor, and she didn't care if it shattered into a zillion pieces.

All these years and she never knew. A sister… a baby sister she had no idea she had.

A baby sister coming to stay with them. No, to live with them!

To live with her and Tommy for years and years and years! It would be as if a stranger walked into their home and stayed put.

The call had come the day before, telling Peggy of the death of her parents, along with the information that she was the beneficiary of their estate, divided evenly between her and this baby sister. The money would certainly come in handy, but what in the world would she do with a baby sister? A girl hardly in her teens.

The longstanding animosity between her and her parents, had happened fifteen years ago…

Peggy had allowed a boy she liked very much to slip her panties off, to fondle her. She had become very aroused, and by the time the boy had put her hand on his cock, she was wanting it almost desperately. She had never been so aroused in her life.

When the boy had spread her young body out on the back seat of the car, she had lain there passively, breathing hard. Her young cunt had been vibrating so deliciously that she couldn't stand it. She had to feel his cock inside her virgin cunt, fucking her.