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Finally with mom

Kathy Andrews

Kathy Andrews

Finally with mom


Peggy was certain Ted was jacking off. She had not caught him doing it. It was just a feeling she had. She had learned to trust her feelings, or at least most of them. In this she was ninety-nine percent sure he was pulling his cock off. For one thing, he spent too much time behind the locked door of the bathroom, much too long for anything else. And the spots on his sheets. Sometimes they were still moist when she found them. Peggy knew what cum looked like, felt like, tasted like.

She was reminded of when she was a young girl, not much older than Ted. She had been a hot little piece, she thought with a smile.

Everyone seemed to know she was hot, too. At least the boys in her school. There must have been something about her, her appearance, her expression, that told them she had one hot little ass on her. At the time, she wasn't sure what told them, and even now, wasn't entirely sure. Eyes would follow her everywhere, watching her tight little ass sway, the flash of long, slender thigh, or the swelling shape of her sprouting little tits. Peggy had wanted cock then, wanted it badly. Yet, for some reason she couldn't understand, she remained a virgin until she married. A virgin, at least, when it came to her cunt.

She had certainly jacked off enough boys in cars, or inside darkened movie theaters, and once or twice behind a building. The boys always wanted more, much more, from her. But Peggy refused, getting them off with her hand when they became almost uncontrollable. Jacking boys off had been fun, though…

She moved to the window, looking out at the bright spring day. The grass was green, and flowers were blooming. It was a beautiful day, one that promised an early summer. It was weather for shorts, for bikinis, the beach or the mountains. Soon, the sweet, pretty girls would be running around wearing almost nothing, and the boys following, like little pussy dogs in heat, tongues hanging out and cocks upright with hardness. They would all play their little games, then the boys would find someplace to jack off, maybe brag about whose little panties they had gotten into. Most of it was lies, of course, but most boys had to be that way.

She wondered if her son would be one of them.

She smiled at the thought.

She would enjoy watching him going through the rites of spring with a pretty little thing. She would enjoy watching him very closely, but on the other hand, she didn't want him to suffer the way she remembered it at his age. Boys, it seemed, suffered more than girls. But that was wrong, Peggy knew. She had suffered horribly, wanting one of those young hard cocks in her pussy, fucking her hard and deep. She had used her own hands and fingers often enough, and suspected most of her girlfriends had, too. Those times she had jacked boys off, her little cunt would boil with need, drenched her panties. A few times, she actually came, although she never let the boys know that. After jacking them off, she would wipe her hand on anything handy, but spend the rest of the day smelling of her hand, her fingers. The scent excited her, kept her in a state of delicious arousal for hours.

Then she married.

Everything was turned loose, and she found out just how hot she really was.