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Hot action with mom

Kathy Andrews

Kathy Andrews

Hot action with mom


Sharon and Bobby sat at a small table, sipping sodas and watching the crowd move up and down the enormous shopping mall. Sharon felt the wetness in the crotch of her panties as she watched her son. He boldly watched the woman and girls, his eyes bright with yearning pleasure.

Sharon didn't mind, too much, that her son had this obvious interest in women and girls. He was very young, but apparently not so young he did not appreciate the beauty of a curving, swelling ass; the thrust of full, shapely tits; the sway of rounded hips; or the long, tantalizing legs flashing between short skirts and tight, revealing shorts.

They had always been open with each other, much more than most mothers and sons. When Bobby found a deep interest in something, he always let his mother know about it, no matter what it was. First it was his models, then it was baseball, then comics, and now it seemed to be women, or girls, or a combination of both.

He was, after all, a boy. And boys, sooner or later, discovered girls. They began feeling the first bubbling stir of erotic sensations in those preciously young balls, and the need to find a [missing text].

[missing text] without a jiggle of movement. Her rounded hips swayed sensuously, her teasing thighs exposed almost to her ass by the recently revived fashion of the miniskirt. The girl was carrying books and she paused about ten feet from Sharon and Bobby, peering into a novelty shop window. She dropped her books, and leaned over to pick them up. She didn't squat in the normal way of a woman, but leaned with her legs straight.

There was a brief flash of her creamy ass checks, half of them exposed below the tight, pale-blue panties.

Bobby made a moaning sound as he looked. Sharon felt a stab of unusual heat in her.

It was because she had seen the girl's ass, but because he made such an obviously hungry [missing text].

[missing text] the ass cheeks bunching as she walked.

"Ahhhh, so pretty," Bobby murmured, and Sharon noticed his right hand was below the small table.