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Hot sucking daughter

Kathy Andrews

Kathy Andrews

Hot sucking daughter


Peggy Benson sprawled on the lounge chair near the sparkling pool. Her bikini top was undone. The bottoms hugged her tight, saucy little ass, and since the bikini was wet, it was almost sheer.

She rested her arms beneath her head, facing the pool, away from the house. Her long, creamy legs were parted slightly, and there was a tingling pulsation between them. The sun was hot on her body, and she thought maybe that was one of the reasons her cunt was throbbing. It seemed as if she had been born with a throbbing, wet, burning cunt.

Her chestnut hair fanned about her arms, and she sighed heavily as she tried to rid her mind of the erotic thoughts that flooded it. She was always imagining hard cocks, and she felt ashamed of it.

Peggy was not even in high school yet, and already, she was tormented by such strong sexual desires, desires that she felt guilty of. The girls she knew didn't have thoughts like that. At least none of them mentioned such things, not to her. Peggy felt as if she was the only girl in the world who had, such wicked, naughty thoughts in her mind. She felt as if she were a bad girl.

She shivered. If her parents knew that she had fucked her boyfriend two weeks ago, they would think she was no good, shameless. They probably would never speak to her again, ever. She couldn't stand that. She loved her parents and her brother Robert. If they thought she was a bad girl, she would just die with shame. Since she had fucked her boyfriend, she refused to see him again. She was afraid she would fuck him again, and if she did, her mother and father would eventually discover it, and maybe make her go away. The boy called constantly, but she refused to take his calls. She knew her parents were puzzled by her behavior. She had always been a bubbling girl, filled with laughter and pleasure. Now, she was acting as if she were in a deep depression.

Peggy was not in a depression, not really. She was simply tormented by her sexual feelings and the shame she felt, of the hatred her parents would have for her if they knew what went on in her erotic mind. She felt she wasn't old enough to be fucking, but her cunt told her different.

Peggy had been shocked to find that she was eyeing her brother Robert the past two weeks. She had been watching the front of his pants constantly, wishing desperately to see his cock, see it become hard, outlined against his pants. Then she had been further shocked one evening to discover she had been gazing at the front of her father's pants. She was certain her mother had caught her doing that. Anyway, her mother had given her an odd look.

Peggy twisted her hips, pressing her cunt into the pad of the lounge chair. She wanted to jump to her feet, rip her bikini bottom off and shout as loud as she could: "Goddamn it, I want a hard cock, you sonsofbitches! Won't somebody fuck my hot cunt!"

But of course she couldn't do that. The neighbors would hear, and she knew her brother, was in the garage, working on his model airplanes. She thought of Robert. He was two years older than her. She wondered if he had ever fucked a girl. She wondered if he wanted a cunt as much as she wanted a cock. She would bet anything her brother jacked off, just as she fingerfucked her cunt two or three times a day. Sometimes Peggy would thrust her finger into her pussy until her cunt was almost raw, coming and coming and coming.

She felt a presence near her. When she turned her head, Robert was sitting in one of the chairs near hers. Immediately Peggy's eyes went to the front of his cut-off jeans. She thought she could see his cock outlined there, but with her overactive erotic mind, she wasn't certain. But what she was certain of was that Robert seemed to be gazing steadily at either her thighs, or else at the swell of her cute ass cheeks.