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Let_s do mom!

Kathy Andrews

Kathy Andrews

Let_s do mom!


Look at me, baby, Jennifer was saying to herself, watching Johnny from the corner of her eyes.

She had noticed her son watching her discreetly for some time now. Not just watching what she did, but how she moved, sat or walked. And he was usually looking at the thrust of her shapely tits, the swells of her ass, or a teasing glimpse of her thighs.

Obviously Johnny was having some wicked thoughts about her, erotic thoughts. Instead of turning her off, Jennifer found herself being turned on.

Jennifer enjoyed being looked at. She was tall and beautiful, with dark-blonde hair and a lovely, honey-colored complexion. She could well be coiled willowy, in the style of a high-fashion model. The only real difference in those reed thin models and her, however, was the shape of her firm, thrusting tits. And unlike those models, her ass was not flat, but rounded and shapely.

Jennifer believed in exposing her beauty as much as possible, but seldom had she shared her body with anyone. It wasn't that she lacked sexual emotion; she had plenty to spare. But she was proud of her body, and rightly so, and she refused to share it with just anyone.

Once, as a high-school student, she had been promiscuous for a time.

As the head cheerleader, she was in demand for dates, and she dated every member of the football squad, half those on the baseball team, and four from the swimming team. Each and every one of those boys had fucked Jennifer.

Now, at thirty-eight, she could stand beside her high-school photos and no one could tell if she had aged or not. She still fit into her old cheerleader tights and sweaters. The apartment was filled with photos of her from those days.

A few of the pictures had been taken without her knowledge, and could have been quite embarrassing to her if they had been shown around. A few had caught her in high kicks, with her long legs flashing, the tight crotch of her tights exposed, bulging slightly with her clit.

Some boy had caught her sitting on the bleaches in a pensive mood, her knees drawn up with her chin resting on them. Her crotch showed, and when looked at closely, curly cunt hairs showed along the edges of her tights. Mother showed her getting out of a car, her legs parted, skirt drawn up her ass… and her blonde-haired cunt was showing.