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Mom_s hot loving

Kathy Andrews

Kathy Andrews

Mom_s hot loving


Marian's cunt was on fire.

It was jealousy, she knew. Sheer, idiotic jealousy.

But she couldn't help it. Ever since that little girl, Judy, had moved into the neighborhood, her son had been acting like a fucking fool!

Jack had never shown interest in a girl before. Marian felt he was far too young for girls. Until now, his interest was in mechanical things, or a few of his buddies. But in just a few short weeks, that pretty blonde girl had him head over heels.

Jealousy was something new for Marian. She had never experienced it when her husband was alive and she had never experienced it with Jack… until the past few days.

The fact that her cunt was burning came as a total surprise to her. She had not thought her jealousy could be sexual, at least not for, her son. But there it was, throbbing and pulsating and yearning. As she went about her daily housework, Marian tried to understand her growing sexual desire for her son.

She had not experienced it until his interest in cute, little Judy became obvious. She recalled how uninhibited Jack had been. He seldom closed the bathroom door and only two weeks before she had passed the door and seen him standing, his cock out, pissing into the bowl. Now he was shutting the door and even locking it, when lit was in the bathroom.

That wasn't like Jack at all.

But was she jealous just because he was closing the door? Or was it because he was sticking his cock into pretty little Judy's pussy? The very idea of her son fucking the girl caused a shock of jealous anger to flow through her.

But along with the jealousy, there was also a bubbling, steaming heat between her thighs. Even as she felt the swelling of her cunt lips inside the tight crotch of her panties, she also felt her tits swell and her nipples become like hard rubber. Her clitoris throbbed for a touch, a caress.