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Mom_s naughty daughter

Kathy Andrews

Kathy Andrews

Mom_s naughty daughter


Lynn sat inside the pick-up truck, watching the men as they worked in the orange groves. Most of them had their shirts off, the sun glistening on their muscles.

Her tits strained against the man's shirt she wore, her nipples tingling. Her dark eyes held a smoldering expression. Her long legs, encased in tight jeans, felt a weakness and her cunt was bubbling.

It was always like this when she watched them working, the scent of oranges filling her nostrils. The smell of orange blossoms, the fresh fruit, had a heady effect upon her erotic emotions. Lynn didn't understand it she just enjoyed it.

She had inherited the orange grove when her husband passed away two years ago. When they married, he had brought her to this orange ranch right out of the city, and the lovely scents had affected her almost immediately.

For the past year, Lynn had been driving into the grove daily, watching the men work. She was the boss lady so none of the workers ever approached her. Lynn wasn't sure if she would have accepted a pass from any of them but the possibility always there.

For the past month, she had been taking ice water or lemonade out to the workers. She would haul a couple of huge containers in the back of the pick-up. This endeared her to the workers and she knew they would have done anything for the boss lady.

Lynn was also acutely aware that, if she just crooked her finger, anyone of those well muscled men would come running to her. She was not unaware of how attractive she was.

Not only did she have a beautiful face with bedroom eyes, a full mouth, and long, black hair and a small nose. She also had a fantastic body. And she had money. She was a perfect mate for any man.

As she sat in the truck now she ran her hand up and down on tightly clad thigh, her eyes on the men. They had unloaded the coolers and were back at work. She pulled her hand between her tight thighs, pushing her palm between them. A tingle rippled about her cunt as she applied more pressure at the tight crotch of her jeans. She loved to sit in the truck watching the men and fondling her pussy. She often sat for a long time, fantasizing about one, or even more of them, coming to the truck and peeking in at her when her hand was tight between her thighs.

"All those cocks," she whispered softly, rubbing up and down at her cunt. "All those beautiful cocks… sticking out… hard."