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The naughty babysitter

Eugene Edwards

Eugene Edwards

The naughty babysitter


"You're such a pretty girl, Angie!" Cohn Brown told me as he sat by the couch.

I knew he wanted to fuck me but was frightened. Here it was two in the morning, his wife was sleeping in the next room, and I had never Been screwed before.

Still I wanted a man's hands on me. I wanted to know what it would feel like to have a cock between my legs. When you're fifteen years old, well developed and healthy, there isn't much else that has the impact of fucking. A young girl thinks about it all the time until she goes crazy with desire.

"Oooooooo!" I moaned when I felt his hand push under the cover, fumbling for my breasts.

When they first asked me that evening to tend their kids I would have done it for free, because Cohn Brown was such a handsome man. Black bushy hair, thick eyebrows and a winning smile, he was a successful insurance salesman and I always wondered how many of those housewives he screwed when he was in their homes. I thought about it so often I got wet between the legs just imagining how big and hard his cock would be. So when they came home late and told me to spend the night, my little virgin pussy got to throbbing something fierce. I figured to sneak into their bedroom when they were asleep, lift those covers ever so carefully, and have a long look at that strange cock.

But I didn't know how bad Cohn wanted to fuck me. His wife must have gone right off to sleep from all that booze they drank, because I was just settled on the couch when Cohn came in. To tuck me in, he said. But when I felt his hand under the blanket I knew he meant to touch my little cunt.

"Oh my God, I can feel your tits!" he groaned as his hand slipped across my body.

I still had on all my clothes yet his fingers seemed to burn right through my blouse to the naked flesh. I could feel my little nipples rise hot and eager for his touch.

"Squeeze them harder!" I moaned, terrified yet desperate for this touch of sex.