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Hot young cheerleaders

Frank Brown

Frank Brown

Hot young cheerleaders


Sally Collins sat on the bathroom vanity clipping her toenails. She loved to sit naked in front of the mirror and look at her body while she did her nails, or otherwise preened herself. She had big tits, smooth shapely thighs, and long blond hair. She had sensual feet with sexy pink toes. She was young and supple, and well-aware that she was one of the most beautiful and desirable teens in town. She knew that every boy in her high school, and nearly every man who saw her wiggling down the street, lusted for her body with raging, steel-hard cock-meat. You're one of the sexiest little bitches who ever hit this town, she'd think to herself. Then she'd smile and finger her hairy cunt-lips.

Her toenails done now, Sally kneeled up close to the mirror, touching her erect nipples to the glass. She loved to press her body against the cool, smooth surface and imagine that her reflection was another sexy teen just like herself. Then she'd make believe that she was a boy, and that the image she saw was herself making love to him. And thus she could see herself just as a boy would see her. Oh Sally, you are a sexy little bitch, she'd say to herself. Anybody who'd deny it didn't have eyes.

She drew her fingertips down over her tits and belly, then poked a finger into her sexy navel. Her flesh tingled. Boys just loved to lick out her belly-button – she could almost feel a hot wet tongue probing it now. She caressed her slender waist and beautifully curving hips. She petted the silky hairs of her sex-mound. Pussy, she thought to herself. She knew exactly why it was called a pussy – it purred.

Squatting, she turned her back to the mirror, craning to get a look at her sexy ass. She was always amazed at the way her firm little ass would spread out so round and big when she squatted, or sat back on her heels. Her silky asscheeks became two beautiful fleshy moons with a long, sexy crack between them. As she craned still further to get a better look, her golden hair tickled her lower back.

Sally's hair was as special to her as her tits or ass or pussy. She pampered it for two hours every day with washing and brushing, keeping it glossy and silky for the boys. She knew that it drove them wild.

Suddenly Sally caught sight of her puckered pink asshole. She probed it with her fingertip. It opened slightly and sucked at her finger. Her asshole was a pleasure-box too – not quite as good as her cunt, but it had its own qualities. How she loved to feel a tongue up it! It always felt like a hot wet worm moving inside her. She squirmed. She could almost feel a tongue licking her out now.

She sat back down, facing the mirror, and spread her smooth legs wide apart. She watched her pussy-lips part, revealing the pink, tender sex-flesh inside. Her teen cunt-meat was wet and warm. She took the hairy lips in her fingers and spread them as wide apart as she could. Jesus, she was juicy inside. She took her clit between her fingers and rubbed it.

Sally pushed her finger up her wet hole, and her hairy lips closed around it like a mouth. Her cunt was certainly as skilled at cock-sucking as any mouth, and Sally took pride in her abilities to please guys. She practiced regularly with objects of various sizes to improve the strength and deftness of her muscles. She spent an hour a day exercising her cunt muscles, just as any athlete would work out to strengthen himself for his sport. And Sally considered herself to be an athlete – an athlete of sex and pleasure. Sex had come as naturally to her as sleeping or breathing, and she didn't want to waste her God-given talents. She closed her eyes now and reveled in the sensations of her finger working in and out of her cunt. She licked her lips and nodded her head from side to side like she was in a trance.

"Sally! Would you please hurry up and get out of that bathroom!" Sally almost hit the ceiling at the sound of her mother's bellowing. "Your brother has to get ready for school too, you know. You've been in there for over an hour. What in God's name can you be doing in there?"

"I'll be out in a minute, Mom," she shouted. Then she took a deep breath, relaxed again, and quickened her cunt-frigging. Damn it! Now she'd have to hurry. She wanted to play with herself good and long, to slowly finger-fuck her cunt. Now she'd have to rush it.