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Eager virgin next door

Frank Masters

Frank Masters

Eager virgin next door



It was still warm on this spring evening as Jessica Robert ran the vacuum cleaner over the carpet in the spare bedroom. The young girl was cleaning the room because her brother was coming home for spring break from his school. Jessica had many things she would rather be doing than cleaning the house on a Friday night, but since her mother had left, the pretty redhead was stuck with most of the household chores. The big house only had two people living in it full time – Jessie and her daddy. Since he worked, she had to do most of the work that her mom did before the divorce last summer.

One of the things that Jessie would rather have been doing was going out with the new boy that she had started dating. Eddie had grown up right in her neighborhood, but he had always been such a pain for the growing girl. Things never stayed the same. Now, Eddie seemed totally different. Just last year, the boy had started changing into a young man. He was two years older than Jessie, the same age as her brother. Jessie had developed at the same time as Eddie. It was almost certain that the two kids would notice each other. They did.

On their last two dates, the teenaged girl had gotten so hot when he kissed her. She had almost given in to his urgent pleadings.

Jessie had almost let him pop her cherry.

The green-eyed beauty was still a virgin. Her daddy only let Jessie go out on dates with boys that he knew, and then only one night a week. Jessie had changed, herself, over the last year. Her figure was now that of a woman instead of a little girl. Her tits had grown, the still-small mounds so sensitive when she touched, them. The swollen nipples were rubbing on her shirt right now as she thought about her dates with Eddie. When he had rubbed on her aching tits, Jessica about died. Her hot pussy had gotten so wet and slippery.

Eddie was the first guy who had ever gotten her hot enough to want to fuck. His fingers last weekend playing with her pussy had been so nice, she remembered as she finishd up with vacuuming. She took a quick peek to see if her daddy was watching. When she saw that he was involved with the television, she unbuttoned two buttons on her shirt and reached inside to cup her swollen nipples.

A small moan escaped her lips.

"What's that, Jess?" the green-eyed girl heard her father say as he turned in the chair.