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The night shift nurse

Frank Masters

Frank Masters

The night shift nurse


Nancy Cherry walked through the familiar halls of her small-town hospital as she looked at the charts on the clipboard she carried. The attractive young nurse had been born and raised in this small, mountain village. The only time she had gone away was to attend college. Returning, she had married her only lover, ask him who had high plans for a career as a downhiller. A year later they were divorced.

Even though she was only in her mid-twenties, Nancy dressed, and acted, like somebody's old-maid aunt. She wore her long hair up in a bun under a nurse's cap. The lush, voluptuous body that she had been so proud of once before was now hidden under a heavy, loose uniform.

At one time Nancy had been one hot little item around her small community. She and her handsome ex-husband had been the talk of the town. She was the best cheerleader in high school, then became a nurse. He was the top prospect on the ski team.

In the two years since her marriage, Nancy hadn't been with a man. She might as well be an old-maid. Two years without fucking was enough to make her one.

Nancy stopped as she heard sounds coming from the room she was passing. She could hear whispering and giggling through the partially open door. The pretty nurse tiptoed up to the crack, peeking into the room to see what was happening. What she saw made her draw in a hissing breath of air.

Dr. Harbo, the orthopedie surgeon, was in the room with the new candy-striper, Kitty. In her small hospital, Nancy was the only one on the night shift one regular basis, and Dr. Harbo had volunteered to take the unpopular shift tonight for another doctor.

The tall, dark-haired doctor was kissing the young blonde. His hands were on her chest as she made a weak effort to push them away.

Nancy stared, seeing their deep steamy tongue-kisses.

"Ooooh, Dr. Harbo," the little blonde girl moaned. "What if Nurse Cherry finds us? It's not safe."

"Relax, Kitty," he assured the panting young girl as he worked to unbutton her uniform. "Nobody will come back here. We've only got one patient. Besides, you can't let me walk around with this hard-on. Don't be a tease, Kitten."