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Another mother sucks

Gary Shaw

Gary Shaw

Another mother sucks


Eve stood in front of her bedroom mirror, reflecting on all the things that her beauty had brought her.

She grinned smugly at herself, reaching for a silver-handled comb. As she gently combed her shining blonde hair, her eyes followed the generous curves of her big firm tits. She could see her pointy pink nipples through the sheer pink of her nighty, and she shook her shoulders, watching her tits wiggle heavily.

She drew the comb down slowly. She had landed the rich husband that all her girl-friends had assured her that she would. And after only two months of her new marriage, she had admitted to herself that it was a mistake.

No one had told Eve that rich husbands were usually away on business, or buried in reports until dawn.

She was left for weeks at a time. She took care of the big suburban house and did her best to be a mother to her two new sons. But Eve knew that she was just too damn beautiful to be spending so much time admiring her own big round tits and firm ass.

Eve glanced at the clock, wondering if the boys were home yet. She sighed. No matter how much she tried to act like the mother that they needed, Ray and Chuck continued to do whatever pleased them.

Eve watched her big round tits sway. As she combed her hair, she let her free hand come up and gently hold one of her thrusting tits. She squeezed the firm flesh of her tit and smiled.

Her smiled faded as she realized that big firm tits like hers should have constant attention from stiff-cocked men. And she had none.

She could see her tight pink cunt through her pink panties. She turned one knee to the side, parting her lean thighs. And her starving pussy pushed forward.