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Two hot daughters

George Tipton

George Tipton

Two hot daughters



When Anita Loper touched her drippy pussy with her warm, soft fingers, her whole body jumped.

"Ohhhh," she sighed to her friend, Diane Sager. "I'm so horny I could run out and fuck the first cock I see!"

"Really," Diane agreed, her own fingers massaging her own aching cunt-mound. "We gotta figure something out. If we don't start getting fucked soon, we might have to start fucking each other!"

"Oh!" Anita exclaimed, jabbing her finger deep into her cunt. "Don't be gross, Diane! But, ohhhhh, I just gotta get me some cock!"

The two teenagers were sprawled on Diane's big, double bed. Their school uniforms lay in crumpled heaps beside the bed, their white panties coiled on top of them. Anita still wore her regulation navy-blue knee socks, but Diane was totally naked, her pussy covered with light blonde cunthair. Diane's hair was long and straight, her bangs feathered back away from her simple, attractive face.

Anita rolled from her back onto her belly, her stockinged legs bent back behind her. Her hand was trapped beneath her, her fingers clawing at her pussy.

Although she had never been fucked, Anita just knew that it would be wonderful. She'd seen a lot of pictures of people fucking in the magazines her older brothers sometimes read. And, once in a while, when she was very lucky, she got a glimpse of a real cock when one of the boys was passing to and from the bathroom. Nowadays it seemed to Anita that all she ever thought about was fucking. It was all she wanted, all that mattered, everything she dreamed of.

She just had to lose her cherry soon or she was going to go crazy!