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Mom_s boy hunger

Heather Brown

Heather Brown

Mom_s boy hunger


He was so young. Couldn't have been more than eighteen. And here I was old enough to be his mother. Lord, my own children were his age.

Why was I doing this? It was insane. Respectable women don't do things like this with the young boys they hire to cut the grass.

But his cock was so big. I'd noticed it right away in the crotch of his tight jeans when he'd come to the door politely asking if I wanted the lawn mowed. I just couldn't stop myself from seducing him.

My cunt had been itching for days, without me really admitting it to myself. Frustration had been building. And then, there on the front porch with sandy hair, freckles and a smile, was the unexpected answer to my dilemma. I knew he was the solution the instant I saw that throbbing bulge in his pants.

I'd immediately agreed to his offer to work in my yard. Then, while he was out there pushing the mower under the hot sun, I'd made my move.

I went outside and watched him work for a few moments, noting the healthy sweat that trickled from his handsome face and stuck his T-shirt to his muscular back. Even at seventeen he was a hunk.

I knew I wanted him. Had to have him. Would do anything.

I walked over to where he was toiling. "You look hot," I said. "Why don't you take your shirt off?"

He mumbled something and then drew the soggy cotton over his head. I had to suppress a gasp at the sight of his bare chest. The scent of male flesh had, never turned me on so.

When he went back to work, I sat on the steps and watched his rippling muscles play against each other. With the sweat drenching his skin, his sinews were glistening. He looked as powerful as a jungle cat. After waiting a few minutes, I got up and approached him again. There was no way I could leave this magnificent specimen alone.