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Hot spots in Paris

Howard Longfellow

Howard Longfellow

Hot spots in Paris

Mother had heard the children go upstairs some time ago. They had been very quiet ever since.

"I wonder what they are doing," She thought.

"Layton is so good to his little sister. Very few boys of thirteen would pay attention he does to a little sister of eleven. I suppose he is amusing her now, the dear little chap. I think I will just step up and see what they are doing.

The mother went up quietly and opened the door of the boy's room. The children knew nothing of her entrance, and no wonder. The sight that met her gaze almost took her breath away. The boy was indeed amusing his sister.

Both children were naked. Their clothes were thrown carelessly in heaps on the floor; a mass of white ruffles and lace which belonged to the girl lay under the short blue pants of the boy. Four long black stockings and two pairs of shoes, one considerably smaller than the other were strewn about where they had been heedlessly drawn from the children's legs and feet.

But the heaps of clothes received but a hasty glance from the mother. Her eyes were riveted upon the bed where the naked children lay. The girl was beneath the boy on top, and by his motions it was plainly to be seen that his pintle was buried its full five inches in his sister's crack. Whether this was for the first time or not, the mother had no means of knowing. At any rate there was no doubt that the deed was accomplished and that the girl had lost her maidenhead.

The boy fucked beautifully, vigerously, and the girl bounded, squirmed.and wriggled with manifest delight, throwing her little legs into the air and winding them about her brother's sturdy thijrhs.

The mother's lust was aroused by this unexpected sight. She would not spoil the pretty sport, so she stepped behind a screen which stood near the door.

She recalled her childhood and a pretty brother of her own. Her history repeated itself.

The little girl began to speak and the mother listened.

"Oh! Brother dear, you make me feel so funny with your cocky shoved up my little. I never know we could have such fun as this. Oh! shove; push with all your might. I'm sure you can get it further in. That's it! Oh! how good it feels! You make me tingle all over. Oh brother dear, what do you call what we are doing, and who showed you how to do it?"

The amorous boy continued to work his prick in and out of his sister, as he replied:

"I knew you'd like it, Polly. It's called fucking.