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The neighbor_s wife in chains

Henry Perkins

Henry Perkins

The neighbor_s wife in chains


"Paddle my shitty ass!" Laura Stone hissed. She was perched nakedly on her knees atop the diving board in her back yard with bare tits and one cheek of her face scratching against the grainy surface. Her naked hips were thrust high into the air, eagerly thrashing about as her husband, Jim, whipped the ping pong paddle through the air to batter its rough surface against her ass. The skin of Laura's ass cheeks glowed a brilliant scarlet from the blows that had already landed, and hot cunt juices from her leaking pussy flowed down the insides of both velvety thighs. The smashing paddle ignited hot flames of sexual pain and pleasure which ran through her flesh to spear bolts of lightning up her puckered shit hole and tight cunt. Tiny breakers of cum like waves rippling onto a beach were already crashing through her guts, and the beautiful sex-starved woman hadn't even yet been fucked by a hard prick.

Her husband, Jim, was as naked as his wife, and he stood to one side of the diving board of the kidney-shaped swimming pool as he slashed brutally down with the paddle to sting his wife's bare ass. Jim's cock was raging hard, jutting lewdly out from his crotch, and already drops of pre-cum stained the end of his prick. Whipping bitch flesh made him ache with fuck-lust.

"You like that, my little bitch?" he growled at Laura, his voice strained up an octave by the lust that was rampant in his body. "Then, here's some more of my paddle to tear up your ass!"

"Hit me!" Laura encouraged, then she yelped as the paddle savaged her ass again. The blows stoked the flames in her cunt.

The late-afternoon sun slanted into the oversized yard, throwing the shadows of the pair into the pool. The summer heat had slipped some as the day had wound down and, now with the clock moving toward four, the warm air bathed their skin. Still, both naked fuckers had worked up a sweat from the hot bondage and discipline action. Around them, a massive shamrock green rolled to the five-foot stone wall that surrounded the back yard. And, lining the wall, there were shrubs and trees that blocked the view over the wall except for a few strategic places.

"Is she there?" Laura gasped, wiggling her naked, beaten ass wound to beg for more.

Jim grasped his wife's luxurious brown hair, now wet with sweat, from where it lay across her back and he pulled hard to arch her neck to the rear. Laura gurgled from the sudden strangulation, and her breath quickly disappeared. But there was no panic as her eyes bulged, so she heard the words her husband whispered into her ear.

"She's looking over the wall through the trunks of the alder trees," Jim growled, then he released his wife's damp hair.

Laura's head snapped down, cracking one of her cheeks sharply against the board. Still she managed to glance over toward the trees. Sure enough, she could see her young neighbor's face over the five-foot wall.

"God," Laura groaned as she turned her head back. "I can't wait to get my tongue up her tight, juicy young cunt!"