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Chained trained wife

Jason Bonds

Jason Bonds

Chained trained wife


Victoria Halstead absolutely hated fucking. But she knew there was no way out of it tonight. Her husband was already lying naked on the bed, jacking off while he waited for her to come out of the bathroom. It had been over two weeks since she had given her horny husband any pussy, and she realized he could not be put off another night. He was hot as hell.

"Oh, God," she murmured, glancing at her shapely naked body in the full-length mirror while she dried off after her shower. "I never thought marriage would be like this. Why does sex have to be so ugly?"

She hurriedly finished toweling herself, then she used an electric blower to dry her long blonde hair. While she held the hair dryer aloft, the stream of hot air causing her hair to stream out to one side, she studied herself in the mirror.

At twenty-four, she had everything most men considered desirable in a woman. The lush curves of her body seemed very womanly, contrasting interestingly with her pale and satiny complexion, which seemed quite girlish. Her unblemished tits stood out pertly, capped by nipples so intensely pink they looked like ripe strawberries topping the creamy mounds of her tits.

Her pussy looked temptingly like that of a very young girl, with a sparse growth of curly blonde hair framing her delicate-looking pink pussy slot.

Victoria Halstead looked every inch the Irish lass that she was, her pretty face accentuated by emerald-green eyes with long blonde lashes that gave her an innocent, demure appearance.

Turning off the noisy hair dryer, she frowned, reminding herself that she was no longer in Ireland and certainly no longer the happy go lucky lass who had once tripped so merrily through the green pastures of her parents' farm in that far-away land.

No, she was a married woman now. Unhappily married, to be sure, but irreversibly married. She had defied her mother and father by marrying a professional gambler, and now they were living in a luxurious ranch-style home in the suburbs of Las Vegas.

The green hills of home seemed of another time, another place now. With her marriage to Andrew, she had burned all the bridges behind her. But how she loathed that hot barren desert outside. She despised it so much, she hardly ever left the house.

"Vicky! What the hell are you doing in there?"