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Hot pants stewardess

Jason Cannon

Jason Cannon

Hot pants stewardess


Maureen awoke with a start. Two fingers of her left hand were buried in her own cunt, and her right hand was wrapped around Eddie Dale's soft cock.

A smile spread across her beautiful face as she remembered the orgy party the night before and the wild fucking Eddie had given her when they got back to the apartment.

Eddie was a nice guy, not someone Maureen would want to spend the rest of her life with, but a guy who loved to party. He was also a guy who loved to fuck, and had a foot-long cock to do it with.

She had obviously been dreaming about fucking. That's why she had been fingering her own cunt in her sleep and had reached for Eddie's cock instinctively.

She glanced at the clock. It was seven-thirty, and she had a flight to Denver at ten. Two and a half hours. Time enough for another hard, glorious fuck from Eddie, and then to the airport.

But she had already broken the agreement she had made with Joanie the night before. God, was she going to do it again this morning? An agreement that was barely twenty-four hours old and Maureen was blowing it all to hell.

Joanie's words rang in her ears as she squeezed Eddie's cock and felt juice from her hot pussy ooze out around her fingers.

"Maureen, we've got to stop this," Joanie had said.