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The boss daughter

Jason Cannon

Jason Cannon

The boss daughter


"Lick it… Mmmmmm, yes… like that," Billie moaned.


"Harder… rub the upper part of your mouth, rub your teeth over my cunt. Oh shit!"

"Are you ready… are you ready?"

She was sitting on his desk with her skirt balled up around her waist and her legs spread wide. Her hands grappled with his hair, trying to force his whole face into her cunt.

He found her clitoris and nibbled at it. The ultra-sensitive little knob quivered wildly and she flung her blonde head from side to side as her cunt raced to a climax.

She bucked her throbbing pussy into his face and he loved it. He opened his mouth as wide as he could, filling it with eager, sensitive flesh. He tried to suck the cum out of her as he felt her move harder and harder into his face.

"Jesus, suck, suck… you're sucking it right out of me!" she cried.

"Good pussy… Mmmmm, Billie, your cunt is delicious!"

"Oh, Russ… suck it good… suck it all!" she moaned, feeling the warm juice from her hot hole ooze into his sucking mouth. A growl of sexual pain and pleasure erupted from her throat as his tongue slithered far up her cunt hole.