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Trucker_s wife

Jason Cannon

Jason Cannon

Trucker_s wife

"Fuck me, you bastard!"

He laughed, his leering face just inches above the pink, juice-oozing slit of her quivering cunt.

"You really want it, don't you, baby?" "Yes, Goddammit! Fuck me, Al! Fuck me or eat me, one or the other! Oh shit, I need it!"

Her eyes floated down to her own hips to where

his cock throbbed between his hairy legs. Absently, she wondered if all truck drivers were hairy and had huge cocks. All the ones she had fucked had been.

And Alice Farrow had certainly fucked her share of truck jockeys.

She watched him use his powerful hand to stroke his cock as drool dripped from his mouth to spatter on her gleaming pussy. The veins in his prick stood out from the tautly stretched skin like highways on a map, and they were pulsating with his heartbeat as his blood-filled meat grew bigger and bigger. The rubbery-looking flesh of the swollen head was like a giant fist, blunt and ready to slam with tremendous force into her cunt.

If only he would hurry up and do it!

But he liked to tease her. He, Al Fletcher, had found out who she was. She had made the stupid mistake of fucking him more than once. Now he was making her pay for it.

She tried to move, but some mysterious force kept her flat on her back on the bed, and her legs were drawn up, knees nearly touching her shoulders, to leave her exposed cunt open and naked to his lusting sneer.

"Say please, Alice, baby."

"Please… you prick!"

He chuckled. "Shit, you got a nice pussy, Alice. How come your old man don't take care of it more often?"