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Hot young stuff

Jeff Collins

Jeff Collins

Hot young stuff


Valerie could feel Richard Farr's cock hardening in his pants. He likes me, she thought. The handsomest, richest boy in town wants me!

"Jesus, Val, you shouldn't hide these," Richard moaned, cupping her huge tits in the baggy blouse. "Jeez, they're fantastic!"

"Do you really like them, Richard? Do they please you?"

"I'll show you how much!" he moaned.

His mouth came down to meet hers. His tongue parted her lips and a tingle slid down to swell her already huge breasts.

Suddenly she was aware of his hand on her right tit, fingers spread wide in an attempt to enclose the full, swollen mound. It was the first thing that the few other boys she had dated always tried to do – feel and massage her tits. Now for the very first time that she could remember, she made no attempt to stop him, to push away his hand, as she had all the others.

Hands at her sides arid her lips still pressed to his, Valerie thrilled to his gentle caress, his gentle fondling through the flimsy material of her blouse and bra. She emitted a little gasp as his finger brushed over her nipple.

Is this really happening to me? To Valerie Jones? she asked herself. Me, plain little Valerie Jones being desired by Richard Farr?

It's impossible to even hope for! But it's happening!

His hand slid down inside her panties. She went taut as she felt his fingers against her naked flesh, gradually threading their way into her wet slit. She could feel him teasing her pussy, and the sensation was so new and overpowering that she couldn't offer even token resistance. She could hear her own breathing now, and feel herself undulating to the rhythm of his fingers. It was a frightening, yet beautiful, feeling!