Jane Fox

The preacher_s naughty flock


Gloria King was singing the church choir's new selection for Sunday when Joe's hand reached in behind the shower curtain and slid over her well-rounded ass. "Oh!" she squealed, turning around to face her grinning husband. "Joe, for heaven's sake! You scared me!"

Joe was still grinning when he reached for the faucet and shut it off. Then he lifted his wife in his arms, washrag and all, and carried her to the bedroom.

"Joe," Gloria protested, trying to sound stern. "We don't have time. I've got to be at the church at seven."

"There's plenty of time," Joe chuckled, depositing her on the bed. "You're all stripped and ready for action. I'm not going to sit around for three hours with my cock hard waiting for you to try to teach Luke Wellington's flock to sing."

"Oh, Joe…" Gloria protested weakly. Of course she wanted to get to choir practice on time but the sight of her husband's hard cock was enough to convince, her that it really wasn't necessary to be at the church on the dot of seven. The choir would start without her. If she objected now, Joe wouldn't stay home with his hard prick and wait for her. He'd go out and find some other woman who didn't have a time schedule. Keeping Joe home for the evening was much more important than arriving on time at the church.

"Well…" Gloria breathed. She stared at the stiff pole of Joe's powerful cock and her face flamed. Even though she knew that he played around on the side, she couldn't resist the excited tingles that rushed through her body when she thought of how wonderful it would feel when he pushed his stiff prick in her pussy.

"You win," Gloria giggled, holding out her arms. "You're a devil, Joseph King! You're a sexy devil and you know I can't resist you."

"That's just the way I want it," Joe chuckled, shedding his clothes and dropping them in a heap on the floor. "How do you want it, honey? Plain? Or fancy?"

"Fast," Gloria giggled. Her creamy, hot pussy quivered as Joe moved toward the bed and she couldn't help the admiring gasp she gave as he stood before her. Sometimes Joe was crude and uncouth but he never failed to excite her. Even now, after six years of marriage, her pussy still snapped and creamed heavily every time she stared at his big, hard cock.

"Give me a little lick, honey," Joe demanded, waving his huge prick in front of her mouth. "Get my cock all hot and slippery."