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Mom sucks big ones

John Friday

John Friday

Mom sucks big ones


"Hey, Mom… turn over. I want to fuck you again."

"Oh, Danny! I was hoping you would. I just can't get enough of your big cock!"

"Yeah, but first I want to suck your beautiful tits. God, how I love those creamy big jugs! Yuuumm!"

Angela Whitmire shivered, sprawled on her back in her son's narrow bed. Danny bent over her, stroking anxiously with his wet tongue, teasing her thick dark nipples.

"Aaahhh," she sighed, loving the pulse of lewd pleasure that made her temples throb and her pussy simmer.

"Your luscious tits must be forty-fours at least," Danny said, leering brightly as his handsome young face moved from one to the other.

"Yes, and it takes a double D-cup bra to contain them," Angela said proudly, rasping sounds of excitement when she felt the pull of her son's sucking lips.

Danny was a strapping six-foot teenager with black wavy hair and piercing dark eyes. He feasted on his mother's lush tits, an orgy of oral delight. They were the biggest, creamiest tits, an orgy of oral delight. They were the biggest, creamiest tits he'd ever felt, and the only ones he'd ever sucked.

Angela shivered and moaned, losing herself in the rapture of incestuous sex once again. Her young son was a tireless lover with a magnificent nine-inch prick she adored.