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Raped and kidnapped brides

John Friday

John Friday

Raped and kidnapped brides


The two young brides looked radiant coming down the church steps with their new husbands beside them. Wedding guests threw rice and a photographer's strobe flashed brightly. The mothers of the newlyweds all cried and wiped their eyes with frilly little handkerchiefs.

Colette's silver blonde hair shimmered beneath her long veil. She was tall and sleekly curved, gowned in gleaming white satin trimmed with delicate lace. She was nineteen and, strictly speaking, not entitled to be married in a virginal white gown. Her new husband didn't know it, but she had fucked for the first time ages ago.

Her cousin Dawn followed close behind, a stunning little strawberry-blonde with beautiful big tits that swelled and strained the front of her long, antique wedding gown. Her grandmother and mother had both been married wearing this dress, but neither of them had anything like the voluptuous figure that filled it now.

Dawn was a virgin, a shy and completely innocent girl. Her strict parents had sheltered her totally and now, married, she knew almost nothing about sex, only that on this – her wedding night – things long forbidden would be all right.

A uniformed attendant held open the rear door of a waiting limousine. He ushered Colette into the car, admiring her long fall of silky, silver-colored hair. When her anxious husband tried to follow, the man said, "Brides first, sir."

"What? Don't I get to sit next to my new wife?"

The man didn't answer. He helped Dawn into the car, leering when her luscious large tits caught his eye. He shouldered her eager groom aside and leaped into the car after her.

"What the hell?" Dawn's astonished young husband said. He'd planned to feel her beautiful big tits all the way to the reception. It would have been the first time that he or any other man had touched them.

"Roll it!" the attendant shouted to the chauffeur in front. "Let's get the hell out of here!"

"Wait a minute!" Colette cried. "You aren't the two men that brought us to the church!"