Language: English / Genre:home_sex / Series: AB

Willing wife swappers

John Friday

John Friday

Willing wife swappers


Don Burgess and his young blonde wife Kathy walked out sad eyed and scowling. The door of the model home clicked shut behind them, a cold and final sound.

"Shit!" Don said. "I knew we couldn't afford it!"

"It's all right," Kathy said, trying to sound cheerful. The sun gleamed in her golden hair.

Her firm, sharply coned tits rose as she inhaled deeply, then seemed to sag as she breathed a heavy sigh. "We're young," she said in an encouraging voice. "Someday we'll be able to buy a house."

"Bullshit!" Don said, his brooding eyes downcast. "The price has gone up twice in the last two months, and the interest rate is higher now. Even if we both get big raises, we can't keep up with inflation. We'll be stuck in that rat-trap apartment for the rest of our lives!"

"It's not all bad," Kathy said. "There's the pool…"

"Yeah, and walls so thin we can hear the couple next door whenever they fuck."

"You used to like hearing that," Kathy said in a sultry voice. "The way that woman moans and cries… that really turned you on!"

"Well, not any more. We're all caged like monkeys in the zoo, and I'm sick of it. I want us to have a home of our own."