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Neighborhood wives

J Long

J H Long

Neighborhood wives


"I'm coooommmmniiinnnggggg!"

Finally she was coming; Herbert Marcuse's wife was coming!

"I'm cooommmmiiiinnnnggg! Please don't get soft! Hold your prick up, Herbie!"

Herbie Marcuse tried to hold his prick, but after two hours of constant fucking his prick felt like rawhide.

"Herbie! Please! Goddamn, your cock's going soft! You motherfucker!"

Herbie strained his lanky body, tried to put effort into the thrusts up into his wife's cunt. It was useless his cock was too limp.

Marcie Marcuse slumped over, felt Herbie's worm like cock crawl put of her pussy. God, she needed prick!

"Herbert… oh, God! You know how I need to get my rocks off. My cunt's burning up! Look at it, Herbie… look at my cunt!"

"You know I can't see without my glasses."

"Then put your fucking glasses on and take a good look at your wife's horny cunt!"