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The town sluts

J Long

J H Long

The town sluts


Becky Jane Johnson hated taking dictation. She hated taking dictation because it meant that she had to stand in front of Wendell Rathers for at least half an hour while she jotted down orders to be filled, itineraries to make, greetings and salutations from the Rathers Wrench Company.

She never did understand why she had to take dictation standing up.

Wendell Rathers knew why he wanted his voluptuous secretary to stand up while taking dictation. Just like he knew he had to be sitting down, slumped in his executive chair, while he dictated to his voluptuous secretary.

Because Wendell liked to look at panties while he dictated the affairs of his wrench company. Like now, he could see that Miss Johnson was wearing lemon-yellow panties, very frilly around the edges, and there was just a tad bit of some kind of stain at the crotch. Wendell figured that she had gotten very hot and horny one night and couldn't get the stain out using Clorox; or she was very hot and horny now as she stood at the front of his desk taking dictation.

It was very amazing the way Wendell Rathers, president of the Rathers Wrench Company, could see his voluptuous secretary's panties. It was amazing in many respects. For one, it had taken a lot of money to pay for a custom-built desk that had all kinds of neat devices. For another, it was very expensive to have a mirror installed beneath the carpet and an electric door that would lift the rug like a trapdoor and allow the mirror to come up and out from beneath the desk.

Of course, the mirror could be tilted to many angles by the foot pedals beneath Wendell's desk.

He pushed the pedal and the mirror crept out from under the desk, almost hitting Becky Jane's ankles as she took dictation.

Ah, now Wendell could see up those miles of trim calves and sleek thighs all the way to her panties.

And double ah, because with another push on the pedal a magnifying mirror took the regular mirror's place, and allowed Wendell a very good close-up of those lemon-yellow panties with the cum or some kind of juice stain at the crotch.

Yes, that was a cunt-juice stain all right. Because it was very opaque-looking, yet still distinguishable.