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Bold hot schoolgirl

John Kellerman

John Kellerman

Bold hot schoolgirl


"God, Cammy, please let me touch you! My balls are hurting so much I can't believe it."

Cammy moved her hips back from Ralph's eager hands. She'd dated him half the summer, but he'd never came on like this before. Maybe the pressure of school starting up was getting to him. Maybe she was getting to him.

"No, Ralph, don't do that…"

What Ralph was doing was sucking on her earlobe. Putting his tongue inside the delicate pink whorls and breathing heavily. Cammy just wasn't used to dealing with someone so eager to fuck. She glanced through the open window of Ralph's car and saw her porch light blink. Her parents were probably going to be pissed, even though she'd come home on time. They didn't like her being in a parked car with a male for over ten minutes. Ralph had been trying to get his fingers inside her panties for at least fifteen.

"I gotta go, Ralph. My mom's blinking for me."

"Just touch it for me," Ralph groaned, panting harder than ever.

"Touch what?"

"You know. My cock."

"No!" Camilla jerked her short dress down and grabbed her purse. "I really enjoyed the movie, Ralph, but I have to get inside."

"Just touch it real quick. Please!" Ralph gave her a sorrowful, helpless look.