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Hot pants niece

John Kellerman

John Kellerman

Hot pants niece


"I think you know why I have to get Teresa out of town for a while," Mrs. Henderson said, wiping her hands on a dishtowel. Jane didn't look up from her tea. It embarrassed her to hear her mother carry on about Terry. It had been like that for some years now. Terry was an embarrassing girl to have around. "Are you listening, Janey?"

"Sure, mom."

"I wish Teresa took after you more," her mother went on. "Never asking for anything, never causing any trouble. But she isn't like that. And ever since your father disappeared, I knew this day was coming. I can't seem to get her to obey me at all anymore. And now this dating business comes up and her wanting to strut around with that Carson boy." Mrs. Henderson shook her head. Jane nodded to let her know she was still listening.

"Well, we all know who Bobby Carson is… and what he is."

"Yes, Mama."

"I'll feel much more at case with you taking Terry up to Uncle Nat's place for the summer. You can keep an eye on her that way. And Nat having that place in the country, I guess it'll take her out of circulation some."

"Yes, Mama." Jane sipped her tea. She'd been thinking about Bobby Carson. It made a thrill run over her skin to imagine the young man doing what he was notorious for doing to girls. Jane imagined him doing it to Teresa. But age wouldn't stop Bob Carson. He was the most notorious cherry popper in Hainsville. Jane sighed and then pushed the naughty thoughts out of her mind. She was too mature to daydream about such tripe as that. She was nineteen and going on twenty. She had a year of college behind her and considered herself serious-minded and sincere. Not like her harebrained sis, Terry.

"You'd better go run Teresa out of the bathroom and get your bath started," her mother said. "The bus leaves in an hour and a half and I don't want you two to fool pound and miss it."

"Yes, Mama, I'll go right up."

"Terry, I've got to come in," Jane called, "it's getting late."