John Kellerman

Incest family


Alice was amused at the way her uncle kept his eyes averted from the sight of her. He was beading over a huge potted fern. There was mud on his T-shirt and he was frowning at something.

"Pretty delicate, this plant," he said. Alice leaned against the table behind her and crossed her long slender legs. She'd been on her way down to the lakeshore when she'd seen Mitch in the greenhouse. She let the front of her terry beach jacket bag open a little. Her uncle's eyes blinked rapidly but he kept his attention directed to the ailing fern.

"I just wanted to thank you," Alice began, "for taking me and Billy in like this. The folks had been going at it for over a year and it was getting pretty awful towards the last." She brushed a blonde hair from the full swell of her breast. That was her left one. The right was every bit as lovely. The wee bikini barely corralled them. And though they were perfectly shaped, Alice had always felt her tits were way too big for her willowy frame. Mitch was looking now. She pulled her belly in under her ribs and smiled. "When Mom and Dad broke up, I really had no idea where I could go or who I could turn to. I certainly didn't want to go with either of them. They'd been simply horrible to live with."

"We were glad to do it," Mitch smiled. He took off his horn-rimmed gasses and wiped them casually on his T-shirt. Alice thought Mitch was good-looking even with his glasses. But without them, he was really dreamy. For a guy around forty he was in terrific shape. His chest rippled with tennis muscles every time he moved. Alice found herself curious about his love life. Did Margaret appreciate him? Margaret seemed so aloof to everyone, so snooty. She was so tangled up running the boutique downtown that she didn't seem to have time for a husband. Alice tried to imagine Mitch making love to Aunt Margaret. She could almost see Margaret's dark hair splashed across a pillow, her long white legs spread. And between them the glistening raw wound of her pussy ripe for Mitch's rigid cock. She felt her palm grow moist and a flush of heat spread across her skin. It was silly thinking such things. As if she knew what her Uncle and Aunt did with their private moments. It was none of her business.

"Everybody had been so wonderful," she blurted, trying to cover her excited state. "And Betty has been like a sister to me." That was a lie.

Betty was her cousin, Mitch and Margaret's daughter. And Betty didn't like her very much. Alice had tried to be friendly to the older girl but Betty was put off by something. Maybe it was the unconscious sexuality Alice exuded. It was a trait she just couldn't hide. She'd been a sex object all her life. It was as much a part of her behavior as breathing. The things she could do with her eyes and hands could make a grown man tremble. And when she moved her body, it was enough to make a cripple walk. That was what a friend of her father's had said once. Daddy and his crazy artist friends! She'd liked, the friends much better than her father.

Mitch was fooling with the plant again. Alice tilted her slim hips and scratched her shin with her heel. Mitch stared. Her fresh skin was just beginning to glow with an early summer tan. The pale peach bikini was of some satiny material that clung to her young clit-mound in an excruciatingly sensual way, especially when wet her swimsuit clearly defined her crevice and the firm cleavage of her ass. Alice moved her blonde braids over the fronts of her shoulders and put the end of one between her lips. Striking a pose, she sucked on the braid end and let her blue eyes widen as she smiled her smile again. It was something she had practiced in front of the mirror. She could almost observe poor Uncle Mitch coming apart inside.

"Why don't you come swimming with me?" she breathed, tilting her head the slightest bit.

"I, uh…" He cleared his throat and started again. "I haven't eaten breakfast yet," he shrugged, wiping his hands on his jeans. "Margaret will be expecting me."

"Oh. I see."