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The virgin_s pet

John Kellerman

John Kellerman

The virgin_s pet


"Oh wow, am I ever sweaty," Gayle sighed, tossing her tennis racket on the bed and stripping her t-shirt off. Her small, firm tits were white in contrast to the tan of her chest and belly, and as she wiggled out of her shorts, she admired her slender body in the mirror. She'd just had a terrific match with a friend on the big clay court that belonged to Gayle's father. The two of them had gone at each other without a letup until finally Gayle's opponent, Tricia Worley, had tired enough to let Gayle get a few just over the net and win. Gayle enjoyed violent exercise. It made her skin flush and her heart pound. She was sure it had something to do with sex too. Because when she was fatigued like this, she always became aroused. Slipping thumbs over the elastic of her panties, she skinned them down and with a graceful movement of her small foot, kicked the musky undies across the room.

"Oh boy, this shower will sure feel good. Or maybe I'll have a bath today." She was looking at her naked body in the mirror. The sheen of drying sweat on her skin made a thrill go through her cunt. "Yeah, a good long soak in a hot tub and then…" She bit her lip. Since she'd turned sixteen, it was hard to take a bath and not touch her delicate, most feminine places. Tricia, who was a few months older, told her that if she did it just right, something wonderful would happen. The word was orgasm. But Tricia swore too that what actually happened was far more interesting than that rather clinical word. Tricia made it out to be almost religious. And since she'd learned the knack, Tricia did it every day. That's what she told Gayle.

The jingle of a collar tag told Gayle that Prince, her sleek Doberman, was looking for her. The jingle grew louder, then stopped.

"In here, Prince," she called, clapping her hands. The black dog rounded the corner, tail nub wagging. He came to her for a thorough scratching and Gayle obliged. Then she went to her bathroom to start her tub running.

She was leaning over the tub, adjusting the faucets when she felt something brush her exposed cunt mound. The rub came harder, hard enough to part her sweaty cuntlips. The strangest tingle she'd ever experienced rippled through her. As the shock set in, Gayle realized that her dog had just stroked his tongue along her crevice. He'd licked her clit!

"Prince! Bad boy!" she turned, still crouching, her cute round face set in a frown. Prince just panted as happily as before and seemed to be looking for another opening. She lifted a hand as if to smack him and the dog dove forward. His tongue wet her right tit, bringing the small pink nipple up out of its dimpled areola. Shocked, Gayle looked down to see the dog's saliva glistening there.

"What's gotten into you?" She was squatting, facing her pet, and the stretching of her cunt mound had opened it. She could feel the heated membranes exposed to the air and her heart picked up speed. But she was in a mild state of shock too. Her large, blue eyes were fastened on what was taking place under her Doberman's belly. His furry sheath bulged at the end and something pushed his dark-pink cock slickly into view. It was as streamlined as a rocket ship with only a slight ridge where the cockhead was. Gayle had learned that much about anatomy, but since Prince was such a well-behaved dog, she rarely glimpsed his sex organ at close range. Her emotions were mixed. She still had the urge to punish him for being so unruly. But the way his cock grew fascinated her. It was throbbing. It was glossy with the animal's lubrication. She stared, ashamed to be interested in the secrets of a mere dog. Even if he was her loyal and loving pet.

"I really should thrash you, you wicked dog!" But Gayle was smiling. And blushing. She gave him a playful push and made him leave the bathroom. As she closed the door behind him, Gayle noticed that her hands were shaking. "What would make him want to lick a human girl?" she pondered aloud. "I don't smell like a dog. I don't have fur like a dog. I must not even be very pretty to a Doberman like Prince."

Gayle turned the water off and climbed into the tub. She sank back to let the sweat melt from her skin, her eyes closed as she tried to think of other things. She wanted to go shopping if Daddy would lend her the Mercedes. There was a cute little dress she'd seen in a shop window in Paxton Springs. She didn't dare tell her older sister about the dress because Cindy would beat her to it if she did. Cindy was eighteen and wore almost the same size clothes as did Gayle. Cindy was bigger breasted, but she usually chose frocks that tended toward tightness to show off her perfectly rounded tits.

"Mine are perfect too," Gayle said aloud, "they're just smaller." She splashed hot water over the nipple that had been licked by her Doberman and a thrill went through her. She soaped a palm and began to stroke the nub with circular movements until the tingle in her cunt had grown more intense.