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Hungry for boys

Joan Kelly

Joan Kelly

Hungry for boys


I was ready to scratch the itch at my cunt when a voice startled me.

"Shelby, you sure are tall for a girl… aren't you?" Billy Powell squinted up at me. The sun off the water of the lake threw shards of light across his tanned back. I squeezed more lotion from the bottle and dabbed the end of his nose white.

"I guess I am taller than most chicks." I watched him tense under my cool hand. I rubbed the lotion over his shoulders and made circles down his back. Billy, beautiful Billy. His ass rose up impudently from the plane of his narrow back.

"Hey, how old are you?" Billy asked, turning again.

"I'm twenty-eight. How old are you?"

"Eighteen." He put his chin back on his crossed wrists.

I spread the oil, let my fingers ripple over his sides. It was too early for anyone to be down at the pool and I was glad. I'd only come down myself when I'd seen Billy strolling with his towel across the grassy inner courtyard of our apartment complex. I'd been his friend for a couple of months.

"You didn't tell me how tall you are."

"Oh, about five-seven barefooted."

"Five feet and seven inches?" Billy's eyes were big. I nodded. "That's almost as tall as my dad!"