Language: English / Genre:home_sex / Series: Diary novel

Sister in heat

Joe Lawton

Joe Lawton

Sister in heat


The instant Lorna Wild awakened, she sat up beside the softly snoring Adam Benbow and wrapped a handful of fingers around his lipstick smudged cock, then tried to get it nice and hard again for her hot and hungry cunt. For a few seconds she hugged his prick in her hand to enjoy the feel of it. Then she started stroking. Her full and heavy breasts shook while she pumped up and down on Adam's deeply veined and rubbery shaft.

His cock quivered in her tight grip, but outside of this nothing happened.

Not one to take no for an answer from any man's cock, the flame-haired and emerald-eyed divorcee of three days moistened her ripe red lips, then dipped her head and gulped its pale pink knob into her warm and eager mouth. She clamped down with her lips. Simultaneously she brought her tongue into play, and momentarily she felt Adam's tasty prick stretch and grow hard against her teeth. A few more licks and sucks got her a small sample of his jism. By this time her now blazing pussy was doing some flowing of its own.

Fucked, she needed to get fucked.

With great reluctance Lorna removed Adam Benbow's steel-hard cock from her jism craving mouth, then kissed his egg-sized balls before she lifted her beautiful face from between his scissored legs and asked, "Are you awake, lover?"

The tall, dark and handsome attorney Lorna had chosen to shack-up with her during her last night in Key Biscayne came up on both elbows and grinned at her over the wobbling tip of his towering cock.

"Who can sleep with someone like you in the same bed with him? Not that I'd want to anyhow. Especially when I realize it might be a long time before I see you again. I'll miss you, Lorna, but since you haven't gone yet, scoot up here so I can kiss those big tits of yours good morning and good-bye."

Lorna gave the tiny jism-oozing aperture on the underside of Adam's glowing cockhead a quick stab with the tip of her tongue before she slithered into position beside him, then twisted to her back so his lips could easily reach their intended destination. The dark-ringed nipples of her firm and unsagging breasts were as stiff as Adam's prick, and tingling with the same lust that filled her yearning and burning cunt. She took a deep breath that made her tits tremble provocatively, then gasped with ecstasy when Adam flopped to his belly and trapped the nearest nipple between his strong lips to suck on it.

Reflexively, Lorna's arms coiled around Adam's neck to hug him closer to her captured breast. At the same time her long legs drifted apart to make it easier for his groping right hand to find and do whatever it wanted to her damp and fluttering cunt.

Hips still and legs spread as wide as she could get them, she held her breath and waited for his hand to reach her pussy. When the heel of his hand grazed her jutting pink clit she made a tiny whimpering sound, but after he bolted his finger deep in her cunt she bucked her shapely ass against it and cried out, "Oooh, I'm so close to getting a come from what you just did! Do it some more! Wiggle your finger while you fuck me with it! Give it to me good!"