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The wife_s new pet

Janet Mccoy

Janet McCoy

The wife_s new pet


Six months ago to the day, Ellie Jones had lost her virginity. On her wedding night. To her husband, Hank.

Ever since that fateful occasion, the teen-aged blonde had been riding a peaking wave of self-discovery. She wanted to fuck every chance she got. Hank was obliging. She got lots of chances.

When he came home from his job as floor manager in the hardware department of a discount store, Ellie was waiting for him… in something skimpy and provocative. On the night of their six-month anniversary, she wore the see-through top of a pair of pink baby-dolls… and nothing else. She pirouetted before him, holding out the hem of her top as she twirled. Her movements gave Hank a fine view of the round swelling cheeks of her ass and the blonde thatch of her young fiery pussy.

She giggled as she stole a peek at the lusty look on her husband's face. "How do I look, Hank? I got them just today… specially for you."

"They better be specially for me!" he growled as he grabbed for the firm globes of her ass and pulled her to him. He planted his mouth hotly down on hers. His tongue darted deep into her mouth, challenging her tongue, taunting her libido. It always pleased him, the way she shuddered each time she surrendered her lush young body to him. Her tongue snaked out and began to duel wantonly with his.

"Mmmmmmm!" With a natural sexuality that had displayed itself the very first time Hank had sunk his prick into her cunt, she began to squirm against him. She ground her asscheeks salaciously back into his hands, urging him to explore the crevice between the resilient fleshy moons. Then she undulated her pussy forward, rotating it against his pants-shrouded groin. The bulge there was growing perceptibly. She groaned with anticipation. "Oh, Hank… you feel so good, darling! I need you so bad!"

"Jeez, you're a sweet, hungry little bitch, Ellie! You know it's only been ten hours since we screwed the last time!" Hank liked to tease his wife. But he still hadn't gotten over the thrill he had experienced on his wedding night when he discovered just what a find he had made. Ellie's exuberant sensuality had been more than he had hoped for… even considering the enthusiasm she had always displayed during their necking sessions on dates. The young man had long before given up trying to find a woman who could match his own active sex pace. Ellie had turned out to be a gift straight from the Gods. Sometimes she even wore him out.

Her full pink lips pouted appealingly as she looked up at him. Her wide blue eyes and her thick long blonde hair made her look half-angel, half-temptress. The longing in her face made Hank's cock throb to urgent hardness. Reveling in the effect she was having on her handsome husband, Ellie ran her tongue lewdly over her lips. "But you know I can never get enough of you, lover. Why do you torture me like this? You are going to give it to me… aren't you?"

Only a man of stone could resist a look like that, Hank thought as his lips bore down once again on hers. While one hand continued to explore her ass, to prod a finger against the tiny pucker of her asshole, the other headed for her pussy. "Mmm… wet already, you greedy little piggie, you! What am I supposed to do with a wet little thing like this?" His teeth clenched as he shoved a finger deep into the tight hot hole of her cunt. He buried his head against her neck, nipping the tender flesh, while he finger-fucked her pussy mercilessly.

"Ooooooohhhh… aaaaiiieee! Oh Hank, baby! It feels wonderful!" Parting her thighs, she ground her cunt lewdly up and down over her husband's bold finger. She stood on tiptoes, straining with her urgent need to absorb every ounce of pleasure he could give her. Already she could feel herself trembling out of control it was an effort for her to remain upright. The overwhelming passion was consuming her like a sponge absorbs water.