Language: English / Genre:home_sex / Series: Beeline double novel

Paramours in Paradise

Joy Ousex

Paramours in Paradise

Joy Ousex


Dianna looked absolutely tremendous. After what seemed like hours, she had finally finished dressing, and had emerged from the steamy bathroom looking fresh and full of life. And, as is usually the case with Dianna, she also looked anxious and full of anticipation.

Wearing nothing but a long white kimonolike robe, she walked across the room and over to where I had been sitting, waiting for her. Her straight blonde hair fell just over her shoulders; she had made a great effort during the past week to revive her slowly fading summer tan, and her skin had returned to a soft golden brown. She was tall, and stood before me, a smile playing across her lush red lips. "You like?" she asked.

She reached down to the sash of her gown and, her fingers working at the bow, pulled back the material, holding it open. My cock tingled as I looked at her.

Though a tall woman, her body was trim, her flesh tightened into sweeping curves and slopes. Her huge breasts jutted out from her body, two great round things, very firm yet very soft, crowned by two dark pink nipples that always seemed to be hard and erect with excitement, and that always seemed to be extending their invitation to my mouth. The flat plane of her belly swept down to her incredibly narrow waist, then blossomed out again as her hips melded into her thighs, full curving delights, guiding my eyes down to her perfectly shaped legs. My eyes went back to that treasured spot between her legs. A small triangle of sandy-blonde down covered her slightly rising mound, the contours of her cunt calling for my rapt attention. "Turn around," I told her.

She turned. I lifted up the thin material of the robe. Tight and curving, first out and then back in, her ass was nothing less than magnificent. I reached out and ran my hand down the crest of her hips, tracing the curve with my fingers. "Very nice, Dianna, very nice."

She turned back to face me. Her hands again pulled the robe open, and, moving forward, I extended my hand to her pussy. She reached down, between her legs; her eyes shone with excitement, her fingers slowly pulled open the lips of her pussy, exposing the pink already-slippery flesh. My finger slipped between the soft pink petals of her cunt, searching for the fleshy red button of her clitoris. She sucked in her breath as my fingers found the glistening nubbin. I pinched it lightly, holding it, rubbing it gently.

"You're wet already, Dee," I told her, my voice cracking a bit with my own increasing needs.

"I know. Put your finger inside of me, Ben. Please."

I leaned forward and, sliding my hand down the shimmering pink canyon, inserted my finger up inside of her. She squatted down just a bit to ease my entrance.

"Oh, God, that's niee, so nice… Yes, that's right, right, right, in and around… so nice…"