Language: English / Genre:home_sex / Series: Adult classic

The unholy Master

Jon Reskind

Jon Reskind

The unholy Master


The voluptuous young woman with the strikingly beautiful face and shoulder-length, golden-blonde hair was the vivacious new bride that all aboard ship were buzzing about.

What breathtaking loveliness!

And the handsome young husband was Paul Arden, son of Cornelius Arden of the brokerage millions, enroute to Paris where he would accept a diplomatic post with the American Embassy.

A dashing young man, ruggedly so… sort of Errol Flynn-ish, if I may.

Such unions must be made in heaven.

On the contrary, in a Board-of-Directors' chambers, I'd venture. She is of the Boston Clintons, you know… oil.

You are not a romantic soul, M'sieu'.

I'm a practical soul, Phillipe.

Ahhh, what a marvelous way to spend one's honeymoon… five glorious days… and nights at sea.

Hmmm, the marvel is the lovely Madame's legs, Phillipe. Have you ever in your whole existence laid eyes on such splendid specimens?