J. S. Bradley

Sister_s dog hunger

Chapter 1

"Ohhh, Alec-don't!" Carol gasped, trying to draw out of the circle of his arms.

Her round, full tits heaved and pushed against his chest. Her trim, tight ass was suddenly hot against the fabric of the couch. The tunnel of her pussy squirmed all along its silky length, and she felt it grow fluid and loose and all too ready for his big prick.

His lips gazed the side of her neck and found her cheek. They slid to her mouth, suddenly slack-lipped and breathy with the passion she couldn't deny.

The tip of his tongue traced the outline of her lips and made her shiver again. She moaned with a protest she didn't really feel, and she knew she shouldn't have come up to his apartment.

"Alec, don't!" she gasped. "I didn't come up here for this, really, I didn't!"

He swept back a silky lock of her auburn hair and kissed the soft part of her that he'd exposed. He grinned softly, not believing her.

"It's been two weeks, Carol," he whispered. "I know you, honey. You came up here for this. God, I can already feel the way your sweet pussy is going to shudder and leak around my spurting cock with one come after the other. Come on, honey, let's fuck first and talk later. We both need a good one."

"Alec, no!" she cried softly, trying not to let him cup and feel her swollen tit. "I meant it, Alec-I want to end it with us. It's over. I don't love you. I never did. I swear it."

"Aah! That's your little sister talking, honey. That's Tish, not my Carol. You know you don't mean that. After three years of going together, you can't make me fall for that one."

"Alec… Ohhhh, God! Don't touch me there! Not my pussy, you bastard! Damn it, Alec, Take your hand off! Don't touch… Ah! Darling!" she gasped suddenly.