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Teacher_s special homework

James Stanford

James Stanford

Teacher_s special homework


"Fuck me, Doc. C'mon, put in what I need. I'll bet you're scared to," she taunted.

I gazed down at her lush, ripe fifteen-year-old body – the full breasts and rounded hips with their exciting triangle of hair standing out against the creamy whiteness of her skin, and I knew, just as sure as the sun would rise in the East, that I was going to fuck the hell out of her.

I gently stroked and pried apart the pink, tender lips of her cunt, and let my finger stray up to her clitoris. As I massaged it softly but rapidly, her eyes closed and a dreamy smile played over her lips.

"Ooooh, that's good, Doc. Yes. Yes, right there! Keep that up and I'll rape you." She opened her eyes and smiled up at me. "Let's race to see who rapes who."

Her hand strayed over the edge of the examining table and rubbed my crotch, which was already beginning to bulge. "Hey! Old Doc's getting horny. Wow! That's a big one. Let's have a party. C'mon, please!" She was writhing on the table now, and begging.

The exciting thrill of entering this young high schooler was almost more than I could bear, and I waited not a moment longer. I slid my slacks and shorts off, and she grabbed my tumescent cock in both hands, her eyes widening.

"Jesus! I've never had one big. Oh, boy, you are really hung, Doc." She lay back with a smile. "Just take it slow, and easy at first, and I'll try to take it all. Oh, God, if the other girls only knew…"

I lifted onto the table over her, and fingered the lips of her warmly moist cunt apart and slowly inserted the cock head. Her sharp intake of breath and the passionately wet warmth I felt nearly made me come right then. As I slowly inched a little more into her, I could feel the tight, hot sides of her young pussy gripping my rigid tool, and I knew that nothing, but nothing can ever replace that feeling of total-conquering, happy sex that a grown man gets when he enters a tender, young cunt.

I felt the slippery walls of her snug love hole relax a bit to accommodate my rod. "More. Give me more. Slowly, lover, but oh, Christ, I want it. This is the biggest and best I've ever had in my life, Doc. Feels like I'm just stuffed with cock." She arched her hard young buttocks up off the table and soon we were working together rapidly.

I would pull back till just the head was between her cunt lips, then drive it in up to the hilt. Her eyes would widen at the depth and penetration, then she'd grin and rotate her hips to grind it in even deeper. I laid my head on her chest and chewed vigorously on one big, full firm teat while I massaged the other one roughly, and she loved it. All the time she kept up a happy chatter.