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Chained wife

J Watson

J T Watson

Chained wife


"I don't see why you're so damned insistent about going to this party," Carol Brady said.

Carol zipped up the back of her shimmering green gown and studied herself in her bedroom mirror. The gown looked like it was glued to her. Her creamy tits were almost falling out of the gown. Her shoulder-length blonde hair had been combed until it was shining. She was proud of her good looks, but she wished she was showing her new dress off somewhere else besides the country club party.

"I think it'll be lots of fun," her husband called to her from the bathroom.

"For you, maybe," Carol said, "but I'll be stuck with a bunch of gossipy old ladies for half the night. I hate these church functions even if they are at the country club."

Her husband came out of the bathroom already dressed in his tux. John Brady was the kind of husband she had always wanted. He was tall and refined looking. He had been put ting on a little weight but that was all right. He smelled of money and success and that was what Carol enjoyed more than anything else.

"You'll have a good time, Carol," John assured her. "And later on we can do some thing fun."

He tried to put his arms around her, but she slipped out of his grasp. She didn't want him mussing her up before the party started. Lately she hadn't wanted him mussing her up at all. She was a devoted wife but she wasn't fond of being groped. She considered herself a lady. She called it making love and they did it in the dark. It may have been a little old-fashioned, but it was the way she was.

"Let's go then," she said. "I don't want to be late."

It was a fifteen-minute drive to the country club. The main building was well lit up and she could hear music as John parked the car in the reserved section. She wasn't up to facing the gossipy old ladies quite yet, and she held John back for a second.

"You go on in," she said.