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Farm girl in heat

J. Watson

J. T. Watson

Farm girl in heat


It always made big-titted Donna Joe Edwards nervous when she searched for her father on his pay-days. She knew that she would find him in some bar, and it would take a lot of argument to convince him that he should come home.

That afternoon she had already searched two of his favorite bars, and hadn't found him in either one. That left one bar, the one she hated the most. It was a truck stop at the edge of the town, and she hated the way the men in there looked at her.

Men had always looked at her. She was eighteen and virginal-looking, a pretty blonde girl with high, jutting breasts and long, sexy legs. Men couldn't help looking at her, but the farmers and drivers in the truck stop looked at her in an especially lewd way. She didn't like it because it made her skin crawl. It made her feel like they were looking right through her clothes at her naked body.

There were two big, beefy-looking farmers sitting at the bar when she walked in.

"God," Hank Bales said. "I sure wouldn't mind getting my cock into a piece of that."

"Just think about having those long legs wrapped around your back and sticking your dick in her twat."

"Goddamn you," Glenn said. "You're making my meat hard. Would you stop talking about pussy?"

Hank watched as she walked around the bar, then back to the front door. She had a disgusted look on her face. Hank slid off of his stool and felt a cautious hand on his shoulder.

"Leave it alone," Glenn warned.