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Kidnapped and raped schoolgirls

J Watson

J T Watson

Kidnapped and raped schoolgirls


Sherry Johnson put the finishing touches to her makeup and then looked herself over in the bedroom mirror. Perhaps she was vain to think of herself as beautiful but she knew she was, especially dressed in the clinging green dress she had gotten just for prom night.

The evening gown was strapless and barely contained her large, creamy tit's. The color matched her green eyes and she let her long blonde hair hang to her shoulders as a final touch. She knew her appearance was going to make Jim's eyes pop out.

Sherry also knew she was going to be troubled by his roaming hands all evening long, but she had grown to expect that. Jim knew how far he could go. They would be married eventually and then he would be able to go as far as he wanted.

Sherry felt a tingle of excitement as she thought of that. Jim did excite her, and there had been a couple of times when his hungry kisses had almost made her lose control. But she didn't want the kind of reputation she knew that would give her. Jim would not respect her after that. She knew she had to stay a virgin until she married.

She heard her mother calling her from downstairs and knew Jim had arrived. Her appearance was perfect but she studied herself a little while longer just to keep Jim waiting. It wouldn't do to appear too anxious.

Finally she walked downstairs like the grand lady entering the ball. She heard Jim's gasp of appreciation as he looked up at her. He had a corsage but she had to pin it on. There was no place left except over her breasts and she wasn't going to let him get that close.

Jim walked her out to his car and opened the door like a perfect gentleman. But she could see him trembling and knew that her low-cut dress had gotten to him.

"Damn," Jim said, as he got into the car. "You're fine looking tonight, Sherry. I could almost take you parking instead of taking you to the prom."

"We're going to the prom," Sherry said. "And don't try any funny business. I'm going to look my best when I get there."

They were going by first to pick up Sherry's best friend, Ginger, and they were a little late. That was all right. Ginger's boyfriend would probably be there to keep her company. Ginger and James had been going together for what seemed like years. They were also going to get married someday.