Language: English / Genre:home_sex / Series: Companion book

A mom and more

Kathy Andrews

Kathy Andrews

A mom and more


Barbara moved her cheeks between the slender, smooth, ever-so-hot thighs.

It was a moment she had long anticipated, yet dreaded at the same time.

A girl was sprawled on the couch, her legs very wide, the tight crotch band of her panties molding the sweetness of her cunt, her pussy hole outlined. Her dress had been pulled to her small waist, and she slumped with her hands at her hips, breathing raggedly as she waited.

The girl's usually clear blue eyes were clouded now, dulled by passion as she looked down at Barbara.

Barbara lifted her hands and pressed the heated inner thighs against her face as she looked up at the girl. The girl's dark auburn hair seemed to have coppery highlights, and her moist lips were parted slightly. Barbara moved her palms up and down the girl's thighs. She wasn't with her legs crossed and her knees up against the couch. Barbara saw the fine hairs on the girl's thighs up near the tight panties. It was not surprising to Barbara that she felt a tingling heat inside her own pussy.

Her fingers, caressing the slim thighs, traced the edge of the lacy panties.

"Candy," she murmured.

"Barbara," came a soft, throaty reply.

"I don't know if…" Barbara suddenly twisted her head between the girl's thighs, kissing halfway up from a dimpled knee. The flesh was hot, but she had not expected the sugary taste of Candy's thigh. "Ohhh, you're sweet, Candy!"

Barbara felt Candy's exquisite thigh quiver beneath her lips, and she kissed it again. This time, Barbara parted her lips and sucked very gently on the flesh, sliding her tongue back and forth. Her hands, tracing the edges of Candy's panties, slipped underneath to cup the succulent cheeks of that tight, little ass. She felt Candy's asscheeks writhing in her palms, and she squeezed into the taut, yet spongy flesh. Candy moaned softly, wiggling her ass slowly.