Kathy Andrews

All the way with mom

Chapter 1

Connie sprawled across the back seat of the car, her panties dangling from one ankle.

Her legs were outside the open door and Mike stood there, pounding his thick cock swiftly into her cunt, the liquid sounds of wild fucking loud in the darkness. Connie rubbed one long, nyloned thigh up and down his hip, moaning with burning pleasure. Mike's cock stretched her cunt to its limit, making the hairy lips tingle. With each forward lunge, his throbbing prick crushed her excited clitoris, bringing squeals from Connie. She turned her head from side to side on the seat of the car, her rich, dark hair mussed now, tangled about her contorting face.

"Oh, God, Mike!" she whimpered, arching her ass up, straining her cunt onto his cock. "It's so good! I love it, Mike! More! Please, give me more and more!"

"You got it, bitch!" Mike snorted hotly, sliding his hand underneath to clutch one tight cheek of her ass. "You can have it all! Take my cock, you fuck-crazy cunt! Take my cock deep in your fucking hot cunt!"

"Oh, yes, Mike!" Connie whimpered, thrashing in the close confines of the back seat. "I'll take it! I'll always take it! Oooooo, I love it so much! I'll always love it, Mike! You know I could never get enough of your big, hard cock!"

"Hot bitch!" Mike growled, racing his cock into her cunt swiftly, his balls smacking her churning ass. "Hot fucking cunt!"

"Oh, Mike, yes!"

"Cock-crazy bitch!"

"Give it to me!" Connie choked. "Give me that big cock, you fucking bastard! My cunt wants it! My cunt burns for it! Fuck me, Mike! Oh, God, fuck me and fuck me and fuck me!"

The car was parked at the curb in front of Connie's house. There was a street lamp nearby and it illuminated them. Neither Connie nor Mike cared if they were in the light. The passion between them was much too intense.