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Coming mother

Kathy Andrews

Kathy Andrews

Coming mother


Shellie lay on the small deck of the houseboat, the hot sun burning into her already golden flesh.

She rested on the foam mattress, on her stomach, her bikini top untied and her tits smashed beneath her. The bottoms of her bikini were so skimpy that the luscious sweetness of her swelling ass was half exposed. The sun heated her body, and she writhed sensually, opening her legs to allow the rays to touch her inner thighs.

Shellie was slender, like a fashion model. But still, even though she was slim, she had curves and hollows that excited the beholder. She had rich, dark-brown hair reaching to her shoulders. She was tall, an inch or so above the average woman. Her face was exquisite, her flesh the creamy smoothness that made other women envious.

Shellie's tits were rounded and firm, the valley between them narrow. They were full tits, yet tilted at the tips, her nipples arching toward the sky when she stood. Her tits had always been firm, tight, and round. Her waist was quite small, easily spanned by the hands of a big man. Her stomach was flat, with only a hint of roundness below her dimpled belly button. Her hips were curvy, flowing into exceptionally long thighs and curvy legs. Perfectly shaped, her legs were outstanding in her bikini or shorts. Her ass, although small, was tight and rounded, the cheeks flawless, the crack deep and tantalizing to the watcher.

Below her belly button was a thick mass of curly, soft hair that excited anyone lucky enough to view it. The lips of her cunt, puffy and tight, were almost hidden by the hair, especially with her legs closed. The only problem with Shellie's cunt, if such could be called a problem, was her unusually long clit. It was a good inch in length, and she knew there weren't many women with such a clit.

Although the size of her clit had never caused her a problem, it had caused her ex-husband to complain that it was like a very tiny cock, and he refused to suck or lick it for that reason. But Shellie's clit was the most sensitive part of her pussy. Not that her cunt itself wasn't sensitive; it was. She could easily come with a cock inside her cunt, the friction of a hard cock sliding in and out of her wet cunt lips crating a wonderful spasm of orgasm in her. But if her clit was sucked or licked, Shellie would often go out of her mind with ecstasy, and come many times before the spasms would fade away.

Shellie enjoyed her clit.

When she was aroused, her clit swelled and bulged out almost an inch long. She loved to hold it between her finger and thumb, and work it up and down. She had allowed her husband to watch this once, and he had made fun of her, saying it was the same as a boy jacking off. Needless to say, his attitude cut into their relationship, and soon they were sleeping in different beds, and no longer fucking. Since her divorce, Shellie had been stroking her clit and making herself come as her sole means of gratification.

And hating it.

She writhed beneath the hot sun, almost asleep. The background noises were soothing. The soft lapping of the waves against the hull of the houseboat was peaceful, and the soft clatter of her son inside the boat was a comfortable, familiar sound. The river was wide, and clean, not muddy and dirty like so many rivers. The banks were lined with shrubbery and trees, and she had steered into this very small cove and docked for the rest of the afternoon.