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Incest mom

Kathy Andrews

Kathy Andrews

Incest mom


Susan knelt in front of the teen, her, hands holding his hips, gazing hotly at the bulge of his cock.

This was her second time with the teen, an almost identical repeat of four days before. She loved looking at his cock growing hard, her excitement growing, too, teasing herself before opening his pants and taking his prick in her hand. Seeing a cock, hard and throbbing, outlined inside a teen's pants, sent her emotions whirling, made her cunt wet and quivery.

The reason Susan liked teens was because, at those tender ages, they would do anything she wanted. Teens sexual juices ran very hot, and they loved to stick their lovely cocks into anything, anything that would thrill them and make them come. They were at the age of discovery, with their balls swollen full of come juice, eager to spray the sweetness anywhere.

Unlike men, who thought they already knew it all when it came to fucking a woman, a teen was willing to follow her suggestions and do the things she wanted most. As long as they could come off, they were satisfied. They would rub those sweet cocks against anything, anything that made them feel good. If a woman like Susan touched their cocks, they would melt. They were putty in the hands of an erotic woman, a woman who desired the teen, the cocks that had just discovered the joys of coming, of discharging. Susan was such a woman.

She enjoyed teens more than men because of their freshness, of their quick to respond cocks, of their eagerness to let her do what she wanted with them. She had always loved teens.

Gazing at this teen's throbbing cock with burning eyes, she ran her tongue over her lips. His cock was molded along his left thigh and it pulsated as he looked down at her, his eyes clouded with anticipation. He delivered the newspaper each afternoon, something Susan didn't ever read. It was the teen she wanted.

Now that she had teased herself long enough, she moved a finger along his cock, her tongue moistening her lips again. She traced the outline, then began to tug at his zipper.

"Are you gonna do it like last time?" the teen asked, his voice cracking.

Susan nodded her head. "Do you want it that way again?" she asked, her voice throaty with emotion. "Do you like putting your cock in my mouth?"

The teen nodded as her hand pulled his cock from his pants. He shifted his feet, his legs shaking. Now that she had his cock out, she held his hips again. His cock stood straight out, his prickhead swollen, his piss-hole already wet and waiting for her mouth. Susan slipped the tip of her tongue over his piss-hole, then circled his silky cockhead slowly with it.