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Loving mom_s lips

Kathy Andrews

Kathy Andrews

Loving mom_s lips


The wildness was starting again.

The wild, restless pacing of that insatiable thing inside her was on the loose. She could feel it gnawing in the pit of her stomach, almost hear the animal-like roar as it grew hot and radiated throughout her body. The itch between her thighs could not be scratched, could not be relieved. It never could

.. never.

When it started, Karen Kyle thought she

would go out of her mind, tormented until she wanted to claw and tip the sheets to shreds, tear at her flesh, pull that raging fire out of her body.

Instead, she sprawled across her bed with her face buried in a pillow, sobbing in frustration.

When this almost unbearable heat came over her, every inch of her body seemed to be seared away from her bones, her nerves screaming for elusive release.

It had started the day she had discovered her son, Brett, was fucking his girl friend.

The heat, the mindless raging beast grew inside her body, demanding. satisfaction and never getting it. It grew more powerful each day, controlling her, moving her emotions and screaming demands that horrified her.

Even Brett was looking at her in a funny way, as if trying to decide if she were losing her fucking mind! And she thought, at times, that she was losing it. She was getting absentminded about certain things, things she had always been so careful about before, things such as making sure she was fully dressed. Now, to her horror, she found that she would forget to put her bra on, and a few times she had actually forgotten to put panties on, of all